We Have 70 Dedicated Staff & A Fleet of 20 Cold Trucks To Serve Our Customers

From humble beginnings in 1996, the business is now spearheaded by our current managing director, Mr. Sat Wei Ping who has set the rapid growing pace, leading the business into a major fresh fruits and vegetables importer and distributor. In the short span of 1 year, Mr. Sat expanded Nature Farm and shifted it to a new larger facility in Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan. To-date, we have a workforce of 70 dedicated staff and a fleet of 20 cold trucks to serve our customers.

We strive to be the preferred fresh produce, food products and ingredients distributor in Malaysia in line with our tagline “Freshness Guaranteed with Excellent Service.” We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities, cold chain and food safety management system to ensure food hygiene and safety at all times.


“ Think of Food Supply, Think of Nature Farm ”
The preferred distributor and trusted business partner.


To Be A Dynamic Distributor Who Places A High Emphasis On Quality Assurance And Food Safety.


A systematic corporate with sufficient experiences to ensure quality and fresh products.
Our ability to convey trust and confidence to you.
Always courteous and deliver a promising service.
Paying attention to any inquiry and being responsive as fast as we could.


Our facilities are well-designed and includes 7 modern cold room with centralized computer controlled temperature and humidity indicators. The adjustable cold room environment has drastically improved the storage of the produce and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.


We are devoted in delivering only the freshest fruits and vegetables to our client. To do that, we use 100% refrigerated truck for our delivery. Today, we have a fleet of 20 refrigerated trucks of different capacities, ranging from 1 ton truck to 40ft trailer, in operation.

Quality Control

All fruits and vegetables imported are thoroughly inspected by our dedicated QA team to make sure only the best quality fruits be sent to our clients. Nature Farm also performs field visits to the country of origin to monitor the growing, handling and packaging process to ensure the best quality fruits and vegetables are imported for our customers.


We can print “co-branded” bar codes and boxes to customize special repacking services for our clients. Nature Farm has invested in pre-packaging machines imported from Spain to assist our clients and to take over the time consuming packaging process from them.

Import & Export

Currently, we re-export our vegetables and fruits to countries in the South East Asia region by mixed container or direct container basis from originated country to the customer in the destined country.

Indent Service

We also provide container indent services. Clients can import fruits and vegetables through us and this service is offered on a cost plus commission basis.

Healthy Workspace

We believe in creating a positive work environment delivers the most productive team. Therefore, in our company, we create a healthy and happy workplace, as well as keeping the office clean and organized.


The Director

“ We are committed continuously to source and supply the freshest and highest quality products globally. ”

Mr. Sat Wei Ping
Managing Director

Achievement & Media

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