Pak Cu

Pak Cu 916 Asam Boi Original

Country of Origin: Malaysia

PCS / Weight: 1 PKT / 20G / 200G

Asam Cicah Buak Pak Cu 916 is very suitable and appetizing to be served as a dipping sauce for various types of tropical fruits such as guava, pineapple, mango starfruit and others.

Asam Cicah Buak Pak Cu 916 is also very refreshing as a mixture in drinks such as lemon ice tea (Teh O’ Ice Limau), lemon ice and fruit juice. It really refreshes your thirst for the whole family during the day or, hot weather and celebrations.

Asam Cicah Buak Pak Cu 916 can also be used in your daily cooking such as sweet and sour dishes, three-flavor dishes, and other types of dishes that are suitable.

Asam Cicah Buak Pak Cu 916 is delicious, easy to prepare and suitable for the whole family as well as any meal for your occasion!